» Ballet I

6-8 year olds

Ballet I is a bold step into serious study of classical ballet and expands on the steps and terminology developed in our Pre-Ballet program. Dancers in this class learn proper placement of head, arms, torso, hips and legs while working towards cultivating smooth transition of movement in order to acquire a graceful dance aesthetic.

» Ballet II

9-10 year olds

Ballet II is progression for Pre-Ballet and Ballet I student on a professional track but can accommodate beginner students as well (private lesson recommended). These Dancers begin to develop power and stability in their execution of barre work, floor exercises, pirouettes, and grand allegro.

» Jazzy Stars

6-8 year olds

Jazzy Stars is a fun introduction into jazz dance with an emphasis on developing an awareness of stage presence and choreographic concepts. It is recommended but not required that this class be taken in conjunction with Ballet I.

» Modern I

8-11 year olds

Modern I is an introductory level class that explores movement, space, shapes, momentum and timing. The class introduces technique and movement vocabulary of modern dance and encourages creative discovery of the vast range of body motion.

» Contemporary Ballet

7-12 year olds

Contemporary Dance is an combonation of ballet and modern dance.

» African Dance I

6-12 year olds

African Dance I is a continuation of the Pre-African dance. This class stresses creativity, rhythm, and endurance. Students will learn traditional songs and dances of Mandingo peoples of the Mali Empire, specifically from the countries of Mali, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea.

» Jazz II

9-11 year olds

Jazz II is a more serious approach to jazz dance with a pre-professional focus on technical execution, flexibility, and coordination. It is recommended but not required that this class be taken in conjunction with Ballet II.

» Hip-Hop

6 -11

Street dance energetically teaches the physical and technical aspects of old and new school hip-hop, break-dance, popping, locking, and house dance.

Class Times

Ballet I (6-8 yrs)
Mon » 4:45-5:45p

Ballet II (9-10 yrs)
Tues » 6:15-7:15p

Jazzy Stars (6-8 yrs)
Mon » 5:45-6:30p

Modern I (8-11 yrs)
Wed » 5:30-6:30p

Contemporaty Ballet (7-12 yrs)
Sat » 1:30-2:30p

African Dance (6-12 yrs)
Sat » 3:30-4:30p

Jazz II (9-11 yrs)
Fri » 5:30-6:30p

Hip-Hop I (beginner)
Sat » 5:30-6:00p

Hip-Hop II (advanced)
Sat » 5:30-6:30p