» Ballet III

11-13 year olds

Ballet III is a continuation of the BADA pre-ballet and Ballet I & II. Private lessons are recommended for beginner students of this age in conjunction with this class. Dancers can expect more complex material taught at an accelerated pace. Dancers will understand the complex relationship between music, rhythm and controlled movement with proper ballet technique.

» Ballet IV

14-17 year olds

Ballet IV is a pre-professional level class that prepares students for the more advanced levels of ballet. This class combines skills from previous level classes and connects basic steps to lengthy and complex combinations. Dancers will be pushed further to develop correct technique, extensive terminology and knowledge of the art.

» Jazz III

11-13 year olds

This class combines skills from previous level classes and connects basic steps to lengthy and complex combinations.Dancers explore a variety of of high energy jazz styles at a fast pace with an emphasis on technique, alignment and flexibility.

» Jazz IV

14-17 year olds

Jazz IV combines skills from previous level classes and introduces dancers to African infused Jazz movement and advanced leaps turns and jumps. Dancers focus on precision, strength, flexibility and development of a dynamic stage presence.

» Modern II

11-13 year olds

Modern II builds on skills from the previous level and introduces specific technical modern styles and history of modern dance pioneers and legends.

» Modern III

14-17 year olds

Modern III combines skills from previous level classes and further develops proper technique, strength overall understanding of various modern dance styles.

» Tap II/III

11-17 year olds

Students continue their study of coordination, rhythmic variations, and performance skills through a series of tap combinations and learn about the history as well.

» African Dance II

11-17 year olds

African Dance II is a continuation of African Dance I and connects previous steps into lengthy and complex combinations.

» All Boys Tap

9-17 year olds

This fun class just for boys is taught by a male teacher and engages the energetic learning style of boy dancers. The class stresses creativity, male bonding and mentorship for young boys thinking about pursuing dance careers.

Class Times

Modern II (11-13 yrs)
Mon » 7:15-8:15p

Tap II/III (11-17 yrs)

Boys Tap (9-17 yrs)
Tues » 6:30-7:30p

Jazz III (11-13 yrs)
Thurs » 6:45-7:45p

Jazz IV (14-17 yrs)
Thurs » 7:45-8:45p

African Dance II (11-17 yrs)
Sat » 2:30-3:30p

Ballet III (11-13 yrs)
Wed » 4:30-5:30p