» Not 2 Young 2 Dance!

2 year olds

Not 2 Young 2 dance! was created for two year olds who are already showing an interest in dance and just can't wait another year to get started. These toddlers get a chance to explore rhythm, movement, balance and coordination in a relaxed playful environment. 

» Just For Me, It’s fun being 3!

3 year olds

Just for me is a class designed specifically for busy and curious three year olds excited to be a part of the big world around them. Young dancers in this class are introduced to concepts of poise, musicality and movement. Preschool concepts of math, reading, and terminology are also explored through energetic engagement. This class is a fun beginning for young dancers and creatively prepares them for confident transition into a variety of dance disciplines.

» Pre-African Dance/Creative Movement

4-5 year olds

Pre-African Dance/Creative Movement is designed to develop a young dancers’ appreciation and admiration for African and African American traditions through the art forms of dance, music and oral tradition. This is a high energy class that stresses creativity and group interaction. Our young dancers will become familiar with traditional songs and dances of Manding peoples of the Mali Empire, specifically from the countries of Mali, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea.

» Pre-Ballet

4-5 year olds

Pre-Ballet is a prelude to formal ballet instruction and introduces children to age appropriate and culturally inspiring music and classical movement through a structured progression that stresses concentration and creativity. Our young dancers will become familiar with classical ballet steps, terminology, and the basics of dance protocol and custom.

» Pre-Tap/Rhythm

4-5 year olds

Pre-Tap/Rhythm is a genesis to tap instruction and exposure to creating musical rhythms with their feet. In addition to creating sounds with their tap shoes our young dancers will enjoy developing musicality by creating rhythms through stomping, patting, clapping, clicking, and other fun sounds with the body and voice. Our young dancers will become familiar with basic tap steps, terminology, and develop an appreciation of jazz music.

Class Times

Not 2 Young 2 Dance!
Mon » 10:00-10:45a
Sat » 10:00-10:45a

Just For Me, It’s Fun Being 3!
Mon » 10:45-11:30a
Sat » 10:45-11:30a

Mon » 4:00-4:45p
Sat » 11:30a-12:15p

African Dance/Tap Combo
Sat » 12:30-1:15p